the last few months have been hard. i started college, moved to a different country, lost some friends, made new ones, and went through a lot of breakdowns almost every week. i’ve been struggling. see the thing is that even when you “recover” from an eating disorder, you never really do. the thoughts, the constant […]


Towards the end of my school year in 9th grade, I started to go to the gym with a trainer and within weeks the weight came off unknowingly. My clothes were fitting me better, I felt stronger, and I was starting to get attention from people all around me. I remember feeling so happy about […]

About Me

Hi! My name is Kaurvika. I am a 17 year old teenage girl and I’m going to be a freshman at UCSC. I spend most of my time reading books and drinking coffee. I decided to start this blog so that I could share all my thoughts and experiences with you guys (somehow, journalling never […]